Big Sandy CTC Pikeville Campus Expansion

A 60,000 square foot, 3-story plus mechanical penthouse school building for the Big Sandy Community and Technical College’s Pikeville Campus. Located in a floodway, the first floor is an elevated concrete slab and beam system supported by a driven pile deep foundation system. The upper floor systems are composite steel framing with steel bracing utilized as the lateral system. 


Eastern Kentucky University Powell Building Renovation

The existing Powell Student Union was built in 1971. Existing structure is a 3-story concrete frame consisting of concrete shear walls, beams, columns, and one way slabs. The estimate renovation cost is $16.0 M. Renovation of the structure includes removal of small slab areas to create an atrium space connecting all floors. Removal of a large section of the second floor for creating a 2-story space for an auditorium. Relocating shear walls or cutting holes to eaze way findings.


Paristown Pointe Development

The Paristown Pointe Development in downtown Louisville, Kentucky includes the addition of a new Kentucky Center for the Arts (KCA) live music venue as well as the renovation and addition to the existing Louisville Stoneware building.  The KCA event building will be a tall one-story, steel framed building with a mezzanine and partial basement, totaling approximately 28,000 square feet.  Renovations and the addition of a café at the existing Louisville Stoneware building will rejuvenate the building for an elevated customer experience.


Appalachian Wildlife Center

Architect:  Clotfelter-Samokar

A new, 82,300 sq ft, $22.2 Million (including site improvements) 1-story with partial second floor with walk-out basement building featuring wildlife displays, wildlife learning areas, movie theater, gift-shop and dining facility.  The building will be founded on a structural concrete mat slab with integral grade beams.  The building structure will feature steel frames integrated with all exposed wood glulam timber columns, beams and trusses.  The second floor structure will utilize a composite steel floor system while the roof structures will be a combination of cold-formed steel trusses with steel roof deck system and exposed glulam timber beams and trusses with exposed laminated wood deck system.


Menifee County K-8 School

Architect:  Murphy Group

Architect: Murphy Group

A new, 57,000 sq ft K-8 school located in Menifee County, KY. The project consists of cold-formed steel trusses, C.M.U. bearing walls and a shallow spread footing foundation. A concrete slab will be located over the corridors to serve as a mechanical mezzanine.