Lexington Convention Center and Renovation of Rupp Arena

Architects & Rendering provided by:  EOP Architects  &  NBBJ

Architects & Rendering provided by: EOP Architects & NBBJ

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A $241.0 M renovation/addition project that includes a new convention center for the City of Lexington and the renovation of Rupp Arena to include wider concourses and a new curtain wall façade.  The project also includes a new, 2-story pavilion building just to the north of Rupp Arena, connecting pedestrian bridges and a new “Catwalk” plaza to the east.  Club space for the University of Kentucky will be constructed at levels 2 and 3 below the Catwalk.  Brown + Kubican, PSC is partnering with Thornton Tomasetti to provide structural engineering for this large scale project. 


Great Crossing High School

Architect:  Clotfelter-Samokar

A new high school approximately 230,000 sq. ft.  The four-story academic portion of the building is a steel frame system with composite beams and deck, steel roof joists and steel roof deck.  Exterior walls are typically non-load-bearing concrete masonry unit (C.M.U.) walls in the academic areas.  The remainder of the building typically consists of steel roof deck spanning between steel bar joists supported by load-bearing C.M.U. walls.  The Gym roof is a combination of tectum deck over steel joists and metal deck over wood glu-lam beams.  Precast concrete bleachers span between steel raker beams and C.M.U. walls in the Gym.  Foundations for the structure consist of shallow concrete spread footings and continuous strip footings bearing on soil.

Great Crossing high school Athletic Complex

Great Crossing high school Athletic Complex


Alice Lloyd College Campus Recreation Center

Architect:  JRA Architects

Architect: JRA Architects

A new $13.0 M, 57,500 sq ft recreation center for Alice Lloyd College. Phase I will be 2-stories with a gymnasium on the second floor. Phase II is largely a gymnasium at grade with a suspended walking/run track. Project is constructed of masonry bearing walls and structural steel frame with special profile open-web joists over the recreationspaces.  An architecturally detailed structural steel walking track is supported from the roof structure.  Foundations consist of cantilever and buttressed foundation walls and drilled piers.


Morgan County High School

Architect:  Murphy Group

Architect: Murphy Group

A new, $16.0 M high school for Morgan County, Kentucky. This 102,000 sq ft project consists of steel roof joists bearing on Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls and load-bearing masonry walls. The new gym utilizes long-span steel joists. The second floor consists of precast plank with a concrete topping slab. The foundation system is comprised of shallow concrete foundations. Included in the project are renovations to the existing gym, including expanding it on three sides for new entrance elements and a weight room, and reinforcing the existing mezzanine to support new bleachers.


Boyle County New Middle School

Architect:  Clotfelter-Samokar

This project consists of a new $30.0 M (approximate), 138,000 sq ft middle school. The building structure is to be shallow spread foundations, slab on grade, steel roof joists, precast concrete plank, and deck supported on masonry bearing walls. 


Eastern Kentucky University Student Recreation & Wellness Center

Architect:  Murphy Group

Architect: Murphy Group


This project is a new $28.0 M, 128,000 sq ft recreational facility housing of a 3-basketball court gym, a MAC gym, a swimming pool, 3 racquetball courts, a rock climbing wall, a suspended walking/run track, several multipurpose rooms, and weight and cardio fitness areas.  The building is a two-story steel framed structure with shallow foundations bearing on rock.  The roof system consists of steel joists and roof steel deck, and the floor system is concrete slab on composite steel deck.


HT Warehouse

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A new, 60,000 sq ft single story warehouse, storage and office facility with a separate 7,500 sq ft maintenance building.  The warehouse building structure features 34’ tall tilt-up concrete perimeter wall panels and an interior steel frame with steel joists and steel deck roof system. The structure is founded on reinforced cast-in-place footing foundations. The maintenance building structure is a pre-engineered metal building founded on reinforced cast-in-place concrete spread footing foundations.


United States Equestrian Federation - Corporate Headquarters


A new, 39,000 sq ft office building for the United States Equestrian Federation headquarters. The project consists of cold-formed steel trusses bearing on steel beams and columns. At several locations, there are exposed steel trusses with long-span roof deck. The lateral system is comprised of steel moment frames. The foundation system is shallow spread footings and wall footings.


Hazard Community and Technical College Intergenerational Building


The Origin Hotel at The Fritz Farm


A 5-story, 75,000 sq ft boutique hotel of load-bearing cold-formed metal framing.


Menifee County K-8 School

Architect:  Murphy Group

Architect: Murphy Group

A new, 57,000 sq ft K-8 school located in Menifee County, KY. The project consists of cold-formed steel trusses, C.M.U. bearing walls and a shallow spread footing foundation. A concrete slab will be located over the corridors to serve as a mechanical mezzanine.


Transylvania University Campus Center


Eastern Kentucky University Powell Building Renovation

The existing Powell Student Union was built in 1971. Existing structure is a 3-story concrete frame consisting of concrete shear walls, beams, columns, and one way slabs. The estimate renovation cost is $16.0 M. Renovation of the structure includes removal of small slab areas to create an atrium space connecting all floors. Removal of a large section of the second floor for creating a 2-story space for an auditorium. Relocating shear walls or cutting holes to eaze way findings.