Southland Christian Church - Lexington Mall Adaptive Reuse

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

This $20.0 M project involved the renovation / conversion of the existing Lexington Mall into a contemporary worship center for a satellite outreach of Southland Christian Church.


Christ the King - Adoration Chapel & Rectory

Architect:  Murphy + Graves

Architect: Murphy + Graves

This $5.0 M project included design and construction of a new standalone rectory comprised of wood framing. Also included was the new Adoration Chapel and Baptistery. The structure is composed of precast concrete panels on masonry load bearing walls supplemented with steel framing. The superstructure is founded on helical piers.


Ashland Avenue Baptist Church - Lexington, Kentucky

This project is a 2-story multi-purpose church facility with a sanctuary, gymnasium and classrooms.  It is structured with a combination of a pre-engineered steel building frame (roof) and conventional steel frame (second floor).  The first floor is a conventional slab on grade and the structure is founded on shallow spread footings.


Anchor Baptist Church - Lexington, Kentucky

Architects:   Omni Architects  – Phase I   &  Johnson Early Architects  – Phase II

Architects: Omni Architects – Phase I & Johnson Early Architects – Phase II

 Phase I - This project consists of a sanctuary located on the first floor above a basement with classrooms.  The primary structure is a steel frame located at the perimeter which supports pre-engineered metal plate connected scissor trusses that form the roof.  The first floor structure is a concrete slab on composite steel decking supported by composite steel beams.  The floor system is supported by interior steel columns and concrete foundation walls at the perimeter.  The structure is founded on concrete spread footings.


Wellington Christian Church

Architect:   Harbour, Inc.

Architect: Harbour, Inc.

The project consisted of a two-story facility including sanctuary and classrooms.  The structure consists of steel joist floor framing and wood trusses at the roof bearing on the masonry walls.  The masonry walls are of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry, a product new to markets in the United States , but common overseas.  This facility was only the second building in Central Kentucky to use the system, which offers exceptional fire resistance, noise transfer, and thermal insulation characteristics.  The lateral bracing system utilizes the reinforced masonry as shear walls.  The structure is founded on reinforced concrete spread footings on soil.   


Crossroads Christian Church


A new $4.5 M, 2-story, 40,000 sq ft sanctuary, lobby and classroom addition.  The structure is load-bearing site cast precast walls (tilt-up) with a steel frame roof and second floor.


Consolidated Baptist Church


A $5.0 M, 2-story, 37,500 sq ft multi-purpose and classroom addition.  Structure consists of steel frame, joist floor, and long span joist/cold-formed truss roof.


Better Life Church

New $4.0 M, 1-story worship facility.  The structure is a conventional, steel frame with open-web joists and joist girders and a lateral resisting system of concentrically braced frames.