Morehead State University East Parking Structure and Dining Facility

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

A new, $8.0 M, 25,000 sq ft dining facility elevated over surface parking below plus a new, $7.0 M, 250 car, 3-story concrete parking structure.


University of Kentucky Parking Structure No. 3 Renovation


The Parking Structure No. 3 Renovation was based on the Condition Assessment Report and Repair Recommendations prepared by Desman Associates dated August 25, 2009. The project completed in November, 2010 was the first phase of the repairs recommended in the report.  

The six level parking structure was constructed on Huguelet Ave. circa 1980 to serve a medical facility which is located within the campus.  The 277,000 sq ft structure was constructed in two stages. The first three level stage was constructed circa 1980 of precast concrete.  The second three level stage was constructed circa 1885 of steel framing with concrete parking surface supported by steel decking.

The repairs included in the first phase were based on the most critical need and facility management decisions to maintain ongoing use of the facilities during this and subsequent construction.

This phase of construction was focused primarily on levels 4, 5 and 6 with some work done at other locations due to conditions deemed to be critical or an emergency. Cracked and delaminated concrete floor slab conditions were repaired with full depth patches which included replacing the steel decking. Cracks were routed and filled with sealant. Levels 5 and 6 were coated with a traffic bearing water proofing membrane.

Miscellaneous repairs were made to the stair towers, barrier cables and 150 deteriorated wheel stops were replaced.

During the construction process, it was decided to complete as much work as possible on the upper floors in order to minimize disruption of use during subsequent construction. This required postponing work on lower levels in order to keep this phase of work within budget, allowing future phases of construction less intrusive.


University of Kentucky Parking Structure No. 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7 Structural Repairs


The 3rd phase of the Parking Structure Maintenance & Repair project was based primarily on the Condition Assessment Report and Repair Recommendations prepared by Desman Associates dated October 2008, and was a continuation of previous years’ phased work based on the same recommendations.  These recommendations were confirmed and augmented as necessary during our initial evaluation of the parking structures prior to design work commencing.

Multiple parking structures were included in the project scope, and included repairs and preventative maintenance to five of the University of Kentucky’s existing parking structures.  Each of the five decks is typically constructed using post-tensioned concrete construction, utilizing one-way post tensioned concrete slabs spanning to post-tensioned beams generally located on column lines.  Repair work consisted of repairs to damaged portions of the post-tensioned system, including overhead soffit repairs, surface repairs to slabs and beams, tendon repairs and localized beam repairs (all parking structures); cleaning and painting of steel angle at top of façade system (PS2); surface repairs to concrete columns (PS1); surface repairs to concrete walls (PS1, PS2); repairs to the existing waterproofing membrane (PS1, PS6); recoating of existing waterproofing membrane areas, primarily in drive aisles (all parking structures); slab crack repairs (PS1); restriping of selected parking surfaces (all parking structures); installation of horizontal cove sealants (PS5); localized expansion joint repairs (PS1, PS5, PS6); application of penetrating sealer (PS2, PS5); repairs to façade (non-concrete repairs) (PS2); and replacement of failed joint sealants (PS6, PS7). 


Saint Joseph Office Park Pedway

sjop-d 014.jpg

The pedway project consisted of seven spans linking Saint Joseph Office Park Building C with Building D and a parking structure.  The structure consists of hollow structural section (tubes) steel trusses bearing on reinforced concrete pendulum type piers.