Central Kentucky Blood Center

 The project, located in Beaumont Centre on the southwest side of Lexington , consists of two floors of approximately 17,000 sq ft each above grade over a 6,000 sq ft basement and a 5,000 sq ft crawl space for lab piping access.  It is a steel frame structure utilizing steel joists for the roof and composite steel beam construction for the first and second floors.  The lateral load resisting system for the building utilizes moment resisting frames at the perimeter. The foundation system consists of concrete spread footings which bear on soil.


Northwest Mutual Office Building - Lexington, Kentucky

This project was a new $4 M, 3-story, 40,000 sq ft, steel frame office building.


Liquor Barn in Hamburg Pavilian - Lexington, Kentucky

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

The structure consists of a steel deck and joist roof system for the roof and a concrete slab on composite steel deck and beams for the second floor.  The floor and roof are supported by interior steel columns and load-bearing site-cast tilt-up concrete walls at the perimeter.


Bellerive Office Park - Building A

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

 The project consisted of a two-story office building with approximately 10,500 sq ft per floor.  It is a steel frame structure with composite steel beam construction utilized for the second floor framing and steel joists utilized for the roof framing.  The lateral bracing system consists of concentric and eccentric braced frames at the stair shafts.  The structure is founded on reinforced concrete spread footings on engineered fill.


Bonefish Grill - Lexington, Kentucky


Whitaker Bank Nicholasville Road - Lexington, Kentucky


Marrillia Office Building


Appalachian Wireless Headquarters

New $3.5 M, 2-story, 27,000 sq ft office building.  Structure consisted of steel frame with lateral resisting system of moment frames.


Lowe Professional Building

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