Kentucky Fourth State VA Nursing Home

Architect:  K. Norman Berry Associates   Images provided by: Orcutt-Winslow and K. Norman Berry Associates

Architect: K. Norman Berry Associates

Images provided by: Orcutt-Winslow and K. Norman Berry Associates

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A new $26.0 M, Veteran’s adult assisted living campus consisting of one community building flanked by four identical neighborhood buildings.  The community building connects with all neighborhood buildings via enclosed walkways.


Eastern Kentucky University New Residence Hall

A new $17.0 M, 85,000 sq ft, 4-story residence hall constructed with hollow core precast concrete floor and roof slabs on load-bearing insulated concrete form walls.


Eastern Kentucky University Martin Hall & New Hall B

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

New $66.0 M Martin Hall and New Hall B are five-story dormitory buildings constructed of 8” cast-in-place Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) exterior bearing walls with a single structural steel interior beam/column line located within an 8” cold-formed metal framing corridor wall.  The floor system consists of 8” hollow-core precast concrete planks with a 3” concrete topping.  Roof planks are 8” un-topped hollow-core except at the mechanical penthouse areas where 12” hollow-core planks and 4” of topping are used.  The lateral load resisting system consists of concrete shear walls to provide stability against wind and seismic forces.  Foundations consist of concrete grade beams framing between concrete drilled piers bearing on bedrock. 


Transylvania University New Residence Hall

Architect:  Johnson Early Architects  & Contractor:  Brett Construction

Architect: Johnson Early Architects & Contractor: Brett Construction

Transylvania University constructed this new 4-story, 144-bed residence hall as the first phase of a 4 dormitory replacement project.  The project is arranged in a fast-track, design-build methodology.  After selection and engagement by Owner, site and foundation package permitting is being obtained after only 3 weeks (June 2, 2014) with final full design complete following only an additional 4 weeks.


Morehead State University Andrews Hall

A new, $22.0 M, 4-story, 150,000 sq ft wood framed residence hall.


Kentucky State University Young Hall

Architect:  EOP Architects

Architect: EOP Architects

This project is a loadbearing precast and masonry wall system utilizing precast concrete hollow-core plank floor construction.  A steel frame with transfer girders occur at the second floor to achieve large open common rooms at the ground floor.